You need to embed an animation into you website, and want it to work even on mobile devices, or you want to embed it directly into your Mac or iOS application: FlashCode is the perfect tool; Design the elements into Adobe Flash, animate them as you want, and, at the end, use FlashCode to create JavaScript/HTML5 code or Objective-C classes with ease.

To learn more about FlashCode, take a look at these automatically converted HTML5 animations: sample1, sample2. Or read these Xcode tutorials!

FlashCode requires Mac OS X 10.7 Lion.

  • Easy to use

    Converting a Flash animation is really easy: simply drop you file on FlashCode, and all is ready to be exported.

  • Easy to integrate

    Integrating the exported files into your Xcode project, or into your website is at least as easy as the export phase. Each graphic element is exported into a separate Objective-C class. Each class contains only a few, easy to understand, convenient methods. And because most of the classes inherit from UIView (iOS export) or NSView (Mac export), you can even use them directly with Interface Builder!